Poteet Strawberry Festival 2015

Poteet Strawberry Festival 2015

April 10, 2015

Strawberry Festival Grounds , Poteet, Texas

About Poteet Strawberry Festival

Many people have not heard of Poteet, Texas but if you’re a strawberry lover, Poteet, Texas is what Mecca is to the Muslims. Poteet, Texas is the strawberry Mecca and the Poteet Texas strawberry festival are high holy days of strawberry enjoyment.

Poteet, Texas is found in the Artesian belt of Texas and Poteet is the acknowledged ‘Strawberry Capital of Texas. The city was founded by Henry and Ida Mumma, and the Poteet Texas strawberry festival began as a few rows of the fruit in Ida Mumma’s kitchen garden.

The festival roots can be found as far back as 1921 when some Poteet citizens invited people from San Antonio out to try their delicious berries. The Poteet Rotary Club has continued the tradition with the first official festival dated in 1948, and strawberry lovers all ready have ‘Strawberry festival 2015 Poteet’ marked on their calendars.

The 2015 festival will be the 68th annual festival with the dates of April 10th through the 12th and strawberry aficionados are already pulling out their recipe books and getting their taste buds ready to enjoy the feast. However for the best picks, true strawberry lovers know to get there early since the festival can draw crowds of up to 100,000 visitors over the three day weekend. People looking for authentic Poteet strawberries know to read carefully since the festival has expanded with outside strawberry purveyors setting up stands to take advantage of the large strawberry loving crowds. To make sure that people are getting the fruit they seek, the association will issue specially designed boxes bearing the log of ‘Fresh Produce-Poteet, Texas’ for local grown berries. These boxes will be used by local growers during the Festival Weekend.

The Poteet Strawberry festival has a long tradition of connecting strawberry lovers with strawberry growers and that tradition shows no signs of stopping. Therefore, for strawberry lovers of any age, the Poteet Strawberry festival will be the place to be in April 2015. Along with enjoying the strawberries both fresh and in various dishes, the festival has live music and a rodeo so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Overall, Poteet, Texas is the place to be for strawberry fans every year for the annual festival. So make sure and block the dates and write ‘Strawberry festival 2015 Poteet’ across that three day weekend in April so you don’t miss out.

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