Aaaand Now For MORE Kiddo Kaos! 2020

Aaaand Now For MORE Kiddo Kaos! 2020

February, 2020

Gallery Room at The National Wine Centre / The Parlour at Stirling Fringe, Adelaide, South Australia

About This Festival

A crazy mash of absurd improvised games, driven by junior conspirators' live suggestions. Each unique show stuffed with hilarious characters and LOTS of daft jokes. Mayhem, music and merriment for all ages featuring members of 'Racing Minds' and 'Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes'.

"Any artist who puts their fate into the hands of children is brave beyond most. Racing Minds does a supreme job of working with any random ideas that are plucked out of the audience. If you've ever seen improv-comedy before you'll appreciate that it can be comedy gold at best and embarrassingly awkward at worst. My six-year-old son and I were both in hysterics at the show we attended which was entirely due to the talent of the ensemble rather than any luck or divine intervention."

Presented by Flash in the Can