Georgian Cultural Festival 2020

Georgian Cultural Festival 2020

May, 2020

John Howell Park, Atlanta, Georgia

About This Festival

On behalf of Everything Georgian, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization striving to promote and celebrate Georgian arts and culture, we would like to introduce you to Georgian Cultural Festival.

Aside from being a great cultural step for the Georgian community in Atlanta, the Georgian Cultural Festival was created to introduce and educate the local residents about the rich traditions and customs of an ancient country on the Black Sea, Georgia.

The Georgian Cultural Festival, which will be celebrating its third year in 2014, offers many educational programs that include learning about old Georgian traditions as well as the geography and history of Georgia. The festival volunteers teach visitors and their children about the history and language of Georgia through fun activities that include puppet shows and geography games. Adults can enjoy wine tastings of real Georgian wines exported into the U.S., while all visitors, young and old, will be offered savory, authentic Georgian cuisine. Additionally, entertainment will be provided throughout the festival, which will include folk performances by Georgian dancers, Georgian musicians, singers, and artists who travel to Atlanta to perform at the Festival each year.