The Be Film Festival is back! 2022

The Be Film Festival is back! 2022

December, 2022

Brussels, Belgium

About This Festival

The Be Film Festival is coming back for its 12th edition, to celebrate the Christmas holiday with some of the great names of Belgian cinema. This year, for the delight of your eyes and for even more fun, festivities will start as soon as December 22. They will continue until December 30, to end the year on a high note.

Embark on a journey with Belgian cinema !
Not only will you discover new promising movies through our premiere screenings, but our restrospectives and special screening « My favourite Belgian movie » will also offer you the opportunity to revisit the best of Belgian cinema, from both North and South of the country. Laughter, poetry, drama, adrenaline : live with us intense experiences in BOZAR and the CINEMATEK.

This year, the Be Film Festival is getting involved in the production and international diffusion of Belgian cinema and we are holding workshops for professionals. On December 21 and 22, the first coproduction forum will be the place for Belgian producers and European producers to meet and sign coproduction contracts. We are also inviting foreign festival programmers to attend special screenings in order to present them Belgian films for the upcoming programmes of their festivals.

And of course, besides screenings, the festival is organising DJ sets and concerts to celebrate properly the ending of 2016.

Do not miss this appointment from December 22 to 30.

Enjoy yourself. Be curious. Be there !

Be Film Festival
December 22> 30, 2016
Bozar – Cinematek