Pan People Music Festival 2020

Pan People Music Festival 2020

June, 2020

Denver, Denver, Colorado

About This Festival

The festival will showcase the talents of steel drum musicians from around the country. This year’s headliner is Tracy Thornton, a rock pannist. Colorado’s own Pan Nation and The Pan Association will also be part of the event. Middle/high school group PanGEA from Lincoln Nebraska will also be performing. Community bands include Rocky Mountain Steel Bands and Pan Generations. Musical performances will start at noon. The event will culminate with all the bands performing 1-2 songs together. (Approximately 50 steel drum players).

Educational sessions are included in this year’s event. This year’s sponsor is Westerra Credit Union. The sessions will be held in the morning prior to the performances. Topics are: Making a Living as a Steel Pan Artist, Arranging, and Engine Room Techniques. (Tickets are required).

More information about the 2016 Pan People Music Festival, band information and performance times can be found at