Festival of Politics 2019

Festival of Politics 2019

November, 2019

Tailors Hall, Dublin, Ireland

About This Festival

'A Festival which goes where many fear to tread'
#As Dublin's only political festival we provide a space whereby those with very different political outlooks can come together and challenge each other's political outlook without the need to fight, argue or insult.

Nestled between two of the most important political developments of the year, America's mid-term elections and Brexit, and set against the background of a housing crisis, we reflect on where Trumpism stands with one of Trump's campaign managers, we discuss the state of the ‘European Project’, alongside actor Stephen Rea we meet and listen to those living in Direct Provision, and question if emancipation is the way to go, we debate the issue of humans versus machines, we hear controversial columnist and Spiked contributor Ella Whelan views on the #MeToo Movement, and much more...