Frederic Chiu, piano | 'Classic smack down: Prokoview ' 2020

Frederic Chiu, piano | 'Classic smack down: Prokoview ' 2020

July, 2020

Dublin City Gallery hugh Lane, Dublin, Ireland

About This Festival

A piano recital like you’ve never witnessed before will take place on July 23rd at the Hugh Lane Gallery, as part of The Dublin International Piano Festival 2017. Acclaimed pianist and master tutor of the Deeper Piano Studies method, Frederic Chiu brings you an exhilarating twist on a piano recital - Frenchman Claude Debussy with his dreamy, impressionistic technique and use of the Lydian mode, versus the percussive virtuosity of Prokofiev.

Two composers who couldn’t be on more opposite ends of the scale, from an era where concert music was high-stakes, spirit-stirring stuff. Who will you choose? This thrilling show is not your average piano recital, the audience will be engaged and excited, and perhaps their loyalties will be tested. From Debussy’s Rêverie to Prokofiev’s Toccata and everything in between, this promises to be a fantastic, fun-filled music experience for all ages.

Over the course of the festival, some lucky music students from our Summer Academy will also get the chance to learn under Chiu’s acclaimed teaching program, Deeper Piano Studies. The method has been presented at the Juilliard School and the Banff centre among other prestigious institutions of study. The novel approach to piano teaching includes learning collaboration and competition through cooking challenges and sensory games, and has been widely acclaimed.

Influenced by greats like Glenn Gould and Vladimir Horowitz from a young age, Chiu has performed in esteemed venues like the Kennedy Centre in Washington, The Chatelet in Paris and the iconic Lincoln Centre in New York. He frequently collaborates on various vibrant live piano experiences with musicians like Joshua Bell, Bob James and Pierre Amoyal to name but a few.

Chiu has released over 27 recordings, including the most extensive, complete piano works of Prokofiev, Chopin, Liszt, Ravel, Mendelssohn among other classical geniuses.

This event takes place on Sunday, July 23rd at 12noon and the suggested donation for attendees is 15euro. The concert is supported by: The Piano Academy of Ireland, Failte Ireland, Dublin City Council and The Arts Council.