Craptastic Trivia 2020

Craptastic Trivia 2020

January, 2020

Royals Members Bar at Leederville Function Centre, Perth, Western Australia

About This Festival

"Do you suffer from cantrememberitis? Do you wish facts weren't so accurate?
Well set aside pop culture nerds music buffs, finally there's a quiz night for the people who don't know anything.
Craptastic Trivia is a night of stupidity that will have everyone laughing out loud from start to hilarious finish.
Changing the way you see quiz-nights forever, it takes brains to know the answers but it takes balls to invent them.

Dust of your tinkering jacket, pull on your drink-me-up boots and don't forget your cockamamie
cap because creativity is mandatory and terminological inexactitudes are expected.
Craptastic Trivia
Wed Jan 31st
Wed Feb 7th
Wed Feb 14th
Wed Feb 21st
From 7:30 PM