Edgy, Contemporary, Feminist & Fabulous 2020

Edgy, Contemporary, Feminist & Fabulous 2020

January, 2020

Fair Ground @ Ibis Perth, Perth, Western Australia

About This Festival

Don't stop talking honey because we sure won't! #ECFF is here and wants you to be part of the conversation. A brand new talk show cabaret showcasing all things Edgy, Contemporary, Feminist & Fabulous.

We're getting deep and breaking glass ceilings as your #ECFF host, award-winning performance artist and troublemaker Carletta The Great, brings together a panel of talented guests to discuss progressive and inclusive feminism in art, politics, science and pop-culture.

Get ready for a power hour of entertaining, thought-provoking performances, imagery and discussion where Carletta and guests, from all walks and edges of life, share what is it to be Edgy, Contemporary, Feminist Fabulous.