Mysteries at the Maj - Fringe World 2020

Mysteries at the Maj - Fringe World 2020

February, 2020

Downstairs at the Maj - His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, Western Australia

About This Festival

Following SOLD OUT shows at FRINGE WORLD 2016, international mystery performer Pierre Ulric returns with a new and exciting production for the cabaret scene.

'Mysteries at the Maj’ is an enigmatic extravaganza investigating the nature of humans, the mysterious and our perception of time itself.

Audiences will experience psychological illusions, mind-control, hypnosis and visual hallucinations in a gobsmacking performance!

Certainly, this is entertaining and thought provoking theatrical surrealism at its best…

Five sessions only as part of the Ace's Cabaret showcase Downstairs at His Majesty's Theatre.
Enjoy drinks and food at your table during the show in A/C comfort.

"The Québécois-born illusionist has 25 years of passion, 20 years of stage experience, three passports, a thousand skills, countless acclaim and one beautifully enigmatic extravaganza."
- Beat Magazine, Melbourne