So Fresh: The Fairly Average Dance Party 2020

So Fresh: The Fairly Average Dance Party 2020

January, 2020

The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth, Western Australia

About This Festival

Winners of the 2017 FRINGE WORLD Music and Musicals Award, The Fairly Average Dance Band are bringing back their favourite night of nostalgia, nonsense, and tunes from the nineties and noughties! After taking home the award, the band took a long, hard look at themselves and decided that after a lifetime of poor decision making, one more bad decision might just make the perfect show. So they’re doing it all over again.

With mediocre intensity, this band of Perth’s most talented musicians will be playing the music of their collective childhood on their second or third instrument of choice, resulting in a wildly ordinary evening of tunes, bad dance moves and other miscellany. Come down for a decidedly mainstream and unexceptional affair!

The mediocrity of these productions knows no bounds. A rag-tag bunch of musical mates decided to play music with little integrity and no soul. But a heckload of fun.