Portland Rose Festival 2022

Portland Rose Festival 2022

May, 2022

Multiple Locations in Portland, Portland, OR, Portland, Oregon

About This Festival

The Portland Rose Festival, for more than a hundred years, begins the summer with Memorial Weekend festivities. The celebration lasts about two weeks and includes fireworks, all-floral and light parades, a city fair, boat races, a half marathon, live music, fleet week, and ends with the Rose Cup Races. Children enjoy the Junior Rose Festival with its own parade and a royal court. The Rose Festival Court is made up of high school girls as part of a scholarship program.

For many people, summer is not measured by the equinox or by a calendar, but rather when the Portland Rose Festival announces its opening day. Not only is this world award-winning festival the perfect destination for the whole family, but the numerous events are exciting and will help to kick start your summer.

Some of the most prominent events that happen at the Portland Rose Festival are the seemingly never-ending parades. While many feature a single theme throughout the entire parade, others allow each float to be as creative as possible. You can be sure that with parades, sports, singing, dancing, and food available throughout the entire festival there is fun around every corner.