WonderRealm Bassendean Fringe World Festival Perth  2020

WonderRealm Bassendean Fringe World Festival Perth 2020

February, 2020

Bassendean, Western Australia

About This Festival

Welcome to WA's newest festival - The International World Cultures Festival at WonderRealm Bassendean: a cultural explosion featuring music, dance, cuisine, and arts that collectively represent our truly unique Western Australian community.

Over three days, you will experience the high octane energy of Fringe World Festival with the richness, colour and vibrancy of internationally renown cultures presented in the Town of Bassendean as part of Fringe World Festival, Western Australia’s most popular festival and the third largest Fringe in the world.

A specially curated comprehensive entertainment program highlighting a sea of cultures will be presented and featured in the cultural regions within the festival venue.

Highlights include:

The magnificent Italian culture at the Little Italy Piazza and be entertained by fiery tarantella dancers

Celebrate Chinese New Year in the festival hub in lantern festooned Old Chinatown, with unforgettable performances by amazingly skilled and acrobatic Lion Dancers from Chung Wah Association

Enjoy the sounds of a Samba band and dancers

Bollywood will fire on to the stage with glamorous parades showcasing
Bollywood fashions


The feature festival show, 'Ode to the Mirror Ball', is a high energy disco show featured each night within the festival hub, bringing to the stage the disco era which transformed pop culture almost overnight.
Gone were the beads and daisies, denim bell-bottoms and fringed vests of the late 60’s and early 70’s and in their place came over-the-top excitement and glamour!
The live three hour show, featuring local singer Monique Fitzgerald and a cast of musicians and singers will bring a renewed high energy of songs such as “Boogie Wonderland”, “I Will Survive”, “I’m Every Woman”, ‘Stayin’ Alive“, “Last Dance” and many more disco hits that continue to be enjoyed by a new generation.


Be entertained by Tango and CanCan dancers who will ignite the stage, New Orleans Jazz, dazzling circus artists, and so much more!

Professional singers, musicians and dancers in lavish costumes will present a spectacular, dazzling array of multicultural entertainment personifying the excitement and glamour of the arts.

A festival fairground presented by Showwest will have many attractions for the festival goer and there will be lots of