Switzerland Festivals 2018, 2019

OpenAir St.Gallen 2018

OpenAir St.Gallen

June 28, 2018

10 mintues drive away from St.Gallen main station, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Montreux Jazz Festival Switzerland 2018

Montreux Jazz Festival Switzerland

June 29, 2018

Montreux, Switzerland

Week-end au bord de l'eau 2018

Week-end au bord de l'eau

June 29, 2018

Lac de Géronde, 19 Chemin du Grand Lac Sierre, Switzerland, Sierre, Switzerland

Afro Pfingsten Festival 2018

Afro Pfingsten Festival

June, 2018

Winterthur, Switzerland

Musig uf dä Gass 2018

Musig uf dä Gass

June, 2018

Kugl, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Design Miami/ Basel 2018

Design Miami/ Basel

June, 2018

Messe Basel, Halle 1 Süd, Bleichestrasse Basel, Switzerland, Basel, Switzerland

JazzAscona New Orleans and Classics 2018

JazzAscona New Orleans and Classics

June, 2018

Ascona, Switzerland

Open Air St. Gallen Festival 2018

Open Air St. Gallen Festival

June, 2018

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Zurich Festival 2018

Zurich Festival

June, 2018

Zurich, Switzerland

Festi'Neuch 2018


June, 2018

Les Jeunes-Rives, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Sonisphere 2018


June, 2018

ExpoPark Nidau, Nidau, Switzerland

Chräen Openair 2018

Chräen Openair

June, 2018

Chräen Openair, Neftenbach, Switzerland

Open Air St. Gallen 2018

Open Air St. Gallen

June, 2018

Sittertobel, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

Rock the Ring 2018

Rock the Ring

June, 2018

Freizeit Betzholz, Affeltrangerstrasse 10 Hinwil, Hinwil, Switzerland

Bonebreaker Mayhem 2018

Bonebreaker Mayhem

June, 2018

Galvanik, Zug, Switzerland

DANCESECTOR Electronic Music Festival 2018

DANCESECTOR Electronic Music Festival

June, 2018

Espace Gruyere, Bulle, Switzerland

Summer Breakdown Festival 2018

Summer Breakdown Festival

June, 2018

Kalvingrad, Genève, Switzerland

Greenfield Festival 2018

Greenfield Festival

June, 2018

Flugplatz Interlaken, Obere Bönigstrasse 1 Interlaken-Matten, Switzerland, Interlaken-Matten, Switzerland

Rock the Ring Festival 2018

Rock the Ring Festival

June, 2018

Autobahnkreisel Hinwil ZH, Hinwil, Switzerland

OpenAir St. Gallen 2018

OpenAir St. Gallen

June, 2018

Sittertobel, Saint Gallen, Saint Gallen, Switzerland

Schmittner Open Air 2018

Schmittner Open Air

June, 2018

Schmitten, Fribourg, Switzerland

Open Air St. Gallen 2018

Open Air St. Gallen

June, 2018

Sittertobel, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Breakthrough International Breakdance Festival 2018

Breakthrough International Breakdance Festival

June, 2018

Moods, Zürich, Switzerland

VOLTA 2018


June, 2018

Markthalle Basel, Viaduktstrasse 10 Basel, Switzerland, Basel, Switzerland

Festival Strings Lucerne Rudolf Buchbinder 2018

Festival Strings Lucerne Rudolf Buchbinder

June, 2018

Luzern, CH, Lucerne, Switzerland

About Festivals in Switzerland

There are a variety of Switzerland events that take place year round. The Swiss people strongly believe in unity and tradition; what better way to keep tradition alive than to celebrate it?

Festivals in Switzerland vary depending on the location and the time of the year, as most festivals have religious history and follow the calendar. Gruyères is a medieval castle town where every January, the cheese festival is held. Patrons can walk down the cobbled streets and sample delicious cheeses during this all-day festival. The "Fête du printemps" is an ancient festival for kids, where two 7-year-old children are chosen and crowned the May Queen and the May King. This usually occurs near the beginning of May. The "Egg collecting" or "Eierleset" is an ancient folk celebration of fertility, and it is held every second year at the beginning of April.

Switzerland music festivals mostly are held during the summer months. Some of the most popular include Montreux Jazz Festival, SnowpenAir (for rock fans), and the Paléo Festival, which is Switzerland's largest outdoor music event. Over 230,000 music fans flock to this event every year. In addition to these, there are many more festivals and events held in Switzerland. So many, that it would take years to list them all!