Poland Festivals 2017, 2018

Spring Forward Fest 2017

Spring Forward Fest

March, 2017

CRK, Wrocław, Poland

Wroclaw Salsa Festival 2017

Wroclaw Salsa Festival

March, 2017

Wroclaw, Poland

Punk Fest Kraków 2017

Punk Fest Kraków

March, 2017

Kwadrat, Kraków, Poland

Punk Fest 2017

Punk Fest

March, 2017

Klub Fabryka, Kraków, Poland

Misteria Paschalia 2017

Misteria Paschalia

March, 2017

ICE KRAKÓW Congress Centre, Krakow, Poland

Music Is The Weapon Fest vol.3 2017

Music Is The Weapon Fest vol.3

March, 2017

Ucho, Gdynia, Poland

Hardbowl 2017


March, 2017

Od Zmierzchu Do Świtu, Wrocław, Poland



March, 2017

Wasabi, Szczecin, Poland

Classic Meets Pop 2017

Classic Meets Pop

March, 2017

Atlas Arena, Łódź, Poland

Fast Fashion International Fashion Fair 2017

Fast Fashion International Fashion Fair

March, 2017

Ptak Warsaw Expo, Al Katowicka 62 Nadarzyn, Poland, Nadarzyn, Poland

Expect Delays Fest 2017

Expect Delays Fest

March, 2017

Progresja Music Zone, Warszawa, Poland

Fusion Fest 2017

Fusion Fest

March, 2017

Ergo Arena, Gdańsk, Poland

AfryKamera Festiwal Filmów Afrykańskich 2017

AfryKamera Festiwal Filmów Afrykańskich

April, 2017

Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland

Electronic Festival 2017

Electronic Festival

April, 2017

Klub Fabryka, Kraków, Poland

Pawbeats Utopia 2017

Pawbeats Utopia

April, 2017

Artego Arena, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Eleni 2017


April, 2017

Dom Muzyki i Tańca, Zabrze, Poland

Red Bull Music Academy Weekender 2017

Red Bull Music Academy Weekender

April, 2017

Plac Defilad, Warszawa, Poland

Spring Break Showcase Festival & Conference 2017

Spring Break Showcase Festival & Conference

April, 2017

CK Zamek, Poznań, Poland

Kielce ROCKują 2017

Kielce ROCKują

April, 2017

Plac przed Wojewódzkim Domem Kultury, Kielce, Poland

Prosto FestXval 2017

Prosto FestXval

April, 2017

Torwar, Warszawa, Poland

Festiwal Przestrzeni Miejskiej 2017

Festiwal Przestrzeni Miejskiej

May, 2017

Zamek, Rzeszów, Poland

Off Scena 2017

Off Scena

May, 2017

Forty Kleparz, Kraków, Poland

Cracow Screen Festival 2017

Cracow Screen Festival

May, 2017

Krakow, Poland

Krakow Film Festival 2017

Krakow Film Festival

May, 2017

Krakow, Poland

Festiwal Muzyczny w Łańcucie 2017

Festiwal Muzyczny w Łańcucie

May, 2017

Zamek, Łańcut, Poland

About Festivals in Poland

Festivals in Poland are well known for attracting amazing musicians and world renowned artists. With Poland being a country of rich traditions and proud history, it is not surprising that Poland events are known as a hub for unique holiday and summer festivals. Poland music festivals are filled with delicious traditional and unique foods, and are known for music from the traditional to modern rock. The Polish Festival Misteria Paschalia, is a festival of historical music that takes place right after the Easter Holidays is definitely an event to see. The International Sea Songs Festival is unique in that celebrates the sea shanty, or songs that sailors sang. Shanties festival is organised in Kraków where both Polish and world renowned performers present their versions of this type of type of music for young and old to enjoy.

Another popular event is the spring event International Soup Festival, that is held in the Kazimierz district. It is a musical event that fuses a contest for the best soup between the local restaurants for the discerning visitors to try, along with numerous great concerts. The lucky visitors to this festival can enjoy the amazing tastes of the city while listening to great musical guests. Anyone who loves history will enjoy the Night of Museums festival. A truly memorable festival in Poland that gives you the fantastic opportunity to visit all of the renowned museums of Krakow.On this night culture lovers, tourists and those looking for something a little something different will have free access to a long list of museums and other places of historical and artistic interest. Many of which are not usually open on a daily or regular basis. More than 240 museums and institutions participate in the Warsaw Night of Museums. Be prepared for special concerts and fantastic interactive shows, like only can be seen from the unique festivals of Poland. Stay out late into the night of Museums for a festival experience that can only be found in beautiful Poland.