Portugal Festivals 2017, 2018

Doc Lisboa 2017

Doc Lisboa

October, 2017

Lisbon, Portugal

Jameson Urban Routes 2017

Jameson Urban Routes

October, 2017

MusicBox, Lisboa, Portugal

20º Arraial do Técnico 2017

20º Arraial do Técnico

October, 2017

Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

Algarve Classic Festival 2017

Algarve Classic Festival

October, 2017

Portimão, Faro, Portugal, Portimão, Portugal

No Ar Coquetel Molotov 2017

No Ar Coquetel Molotov

October, 2017

Coudelaria Souza Leão (Brasil), Recife, Portugal



October, 2017

Theatro Circo, Braga, Portugal

Underground Burlesque Fest Lisbon 2017

Underground Burlesque Fest Lisbon

November 10, 2017

Clube Ferroviário de Portugal, Rua de Santa Apolónia 59 Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal



November, 2017

Casa da Cultura de Beja, Beja, Portugal

Art Lisbon 2017

Art Lisbon

November, 2017

Lisbon, Portugal

Cinanima 2017


November, 2017

Espinho, Portugal

Vodafone Mexefest 2017

Vodafone Mexefest

November, 2017

Avenida da Liberdade, Lisboa, Portugal

Mexefest 2017


November, 2017

Multiple Locations along Avenida da Liberdade, Av. da Liberdade Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa, Portugal

Montanha Pico Festival 2017

Montanha Pico Festival

December 11, 2017

Multiple Locations in Pico island, 9950 Madalena, Madalena, Portugal

Tinto no Branco Festival Literário 2017

Tinto no Branco Festival Literário

December, 2017

Solar do Vinho Do Dão, Viseu, Viseu, Portugal

21º HardMetalFest Mangualde 2018

21º HardMetalFest Mangualde

January, 2018

C.C Santo André - Mangualde, Mangualde, Portugal

Festival M 2018

Festival M

January, 2018

Porto Covo, Portugal

MOTELx 2018


January, 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

Burning Light Fest 2018

Burning Light Fest

February, 2018

RCA Club, Lisboa, Portugal

Fantasporto 2018


February, 2018

Porto, Portugal, Porto, Portugal

Ciclo Exploratório de Música Tradicional 2018

Ciclo Exploratório de Música Tradicional

March, 2018

Teatro Municipal S. Luiz, Lisboa, Portugal

Extreme Metal Attack 2018

Extreme Metal Attack

March, 2018

Side B Bar, Benavente, Portugal

Indie Lisboa 2018

Indie Lisboa

April, 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Fish and Flavours 2018

Lisbon Fish and Flavours

April, 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

Moita Metal Fest 2018

Moita Metal Fest

April, 2018

Sociedade Filarmónica Estrela Moitense, Moita, Portugal

Lisbon Psych Fest 2018

Lisbon Psych Fest

April, 2018

Teatro do Bairro, Lisboa, Portugal

About Festivals in Portugal

The best festivals in Southwestern Europe are all held in Portugal. The warm, dry, hospitable weather, paired with a culture of hospitality and service, creates the perfect venue for Festivals in Portugal, generating all kinds of great fun times and lively memories, throughout the calendar year. There are Portugal Music Festivals and craft fair festivals, including the Festivities of Lisbon, NOS Primavera Sound, “Terras sem Sombra” Festival, and the MEO Out Jazz event. One of the biggest festivals for over a century in Portugal is Festas Gualterianas, which brings many kinds of entertainment and lively fun, rising to a crescendo with a parade with a special procession in honor of São Gualter. There is also a flower battle, fireworks, bullfighting, and lots of great live music.

For a more cosmopolitan European experience, take in at least one of these great Portugal Events held every year: the great AgitÁgueda, the Sumol Summer Fest, Loulé International Jazz Festival, Josefa de Óbidos and the Invention, the annual FIESA, and the Feasts of São João. For the equine crowd, there is the premier International Showjumping event in the Hippodrome of Campo Grande, always a thrill for horse training enthusiasts and horse lovers throughout the world.