Italy Festivals 2021, 2022

Carnevale di Venezia 2021

Carnevale di Venezia

January, 2021

Venezia, Italy

Destination Morgue 2021

Destination Morgue

January, 2021

Closer, Roma, Italy

Arte Fiera 2021

Arte Fiera

January, 2021

BolognaFiere, Via della Fiera, 20 Bologna, Italy, Bologna, Italy

Venice Carnival 2021

Venice Carnival

January, 2021

Venice, Italy, Venice, Italy

Carnevale di Viareggio 2021

Carnevale di Viareggio

January, 2021

Viareggio, Italy

Storico Carnevale di Ivrea 2021

Storico Carnevale di Ivrea

February, 2021

Ivrea, Italy

Carnevale de Viareggio 2021

Carnevale de Viareggio

February, 2021

Berlin, Germany, Viareggio, Italy

Fumettopoli 2021


February, 2021

Milan, Milan, Italy

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Italy 2021

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Italy

February, 2021

Cinema Massimo, Via Giuseppe Verdi, 18 Torino, Italy, Torino, Italy

RomaObscura 2021


March, 2021

Traffic, Roma, Italy

Bologna Festival 2021

Bologna Festival

March, 2021

Bologna, Italy

Festival of African Cinema 2021

Festival of African Cinema

March, 2021

Milan, Italy

Ravello Festival 2021

Ravello Festival

March, 2021

Ravello, Italy

Roma Independent Film Festival 2021

Roma Independent Film Festival

March, 2021

Rome, Italy

Festa della Vernaccia di Cannara 2021

Festa della Vernaccia di Cannara

March, 2021

The Streets of Cannara, Cannara, Italy, Cannara, Italy



March, 2021

Padiglione 14, Collegno Torino, Italy

SoloMacello Fest 2021

SoloMacello Fest

April, 2021

Lo-Fi, Milano, Italy

Festival Musicale delle Nazioni 2021

Festival Musicale delle Nazioni

April, 2021

Sala Baldini, Rome, Italy

MIART 2021


April, 2021

Fiera Milano City, Milan, Italy



April, 2021

Fiera Milano City, Milan, Italy



April, 2021

Fiera Milano City, Milan, Italy

Public Design Festival 2021

Public Design Festival

April, 2021

Milan, Italy

Frontiers Rock Festival 2021

Frontiers Rock Festival

April, 2021

Live Club, Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 58 Milano, Italy, Milano, Italy

Venetian Tattoo Gathering 2021

Venetian Tattoo Gathering

April, 2021

Palazzo Zenobio, Dorsoduro 2596 Venezia, Italy, Venezia, Italy

About Festivals in Italy

There are many great festivals in Italy. The Verona Opera is one of the many popular Italy music festivals. It takes place in the Roman Arena in Verona. It is Italy's third largest Roman arena. It typically begins in the middle of June and ends in early September. The La Quintana Medieval Jousting is another popular event. It takes place on the first Sunday in August. One of the highlights during the festival is a procession of people wearing medieval costumes. After the tournament there is a procession that celebrates the festivities and the winner.

The Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics is a boat race. Racing takes place in gozzi boats. Each boat is rowed by eight rowers. Before the regatta begins there is a procession with people dressed in medieval costumes. The location of the festival changes every year. The Puccini Festival in Tuscany is another popular festival. It is held in an outdoor amphitheater next to a lake. The festival takes place between July and August along with ballets and concerts. The Umbria Jazz Festival is one the top music festivals that takes place in Italy. It attracts performers worldwide. It offers ticket concerts as well as plenty of music playing throughout the streets and squares of Perugia.