Finland Festivals 2020, 2021



March, 2020

Klubi, Turku, Finland

Kuopio Game Expo & Music Quest 2020

Kuopio Game Expo & Music Quest

March, 2020

Kuopion Musiikkikeskus, Kuopio, Finland

The Ultimate Revenge of Heavy Metal 2020

The Ultimate Revenge of Heavy Metal

March, 2020

Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland

Aluefest vol. 1 2020

Aluefest vol. 1

March, 2020

Ääniwalli, Helsinki, Finland

The Darkness FestivalI 2020

The Darkness FestivalI

March, 2020

PRKL Club, Helsinki, Finland

IHME Contemporary Art Festival 2020

IHME Contemporary Art Festival

April, 2020

Multiple Locations in Helsinki, Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Puistoblues 2020


May, 2020

G Livelab, Yrjönkatu 3 Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Vaasa Choirfestival 2020

Vaasa Choirfestival

May, 2020

Vaasa, L nsi-Suomen l ni, Finland, Vaasa, Finland

Vappugospel 2020


May, 2020

Kouvolan jäähalli, Kouvola, Finland

Layback Fest 2020

Layback Fest

May, 2020

Ääniwalli, Helsinki, Finland

Maailma Kylässä 2020

Maailma Kylässä

May, 2020

Kaisaniemi Park & Railway Square, Kaisaniemenkatu Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Annis Metal Attack 2020

Annis Metal Attack

May, 2020

Annankatu 6, Pori, Finland

Tonefest 2020


May, 2020

Rentukka, Jyväskylä, Finland

Steelfest Open Air 2020

Steelfest Open Air

May, 2020

Hyvinkään villatehdas, Hyvinkää, Finland

Rockkaamo Festival 2020

Rockkaamo Festival

June, 2020

Kangasniemi, Finland, Kangasniemi, Finland

Valtteri Festival 2020

Valtteri Festival

June, 2020

Tampere, Finland, Tampere, Finland

Provinssi 2020


June, 2020

Seinäjoki, Finland

Vastavirtarock 2020


June, 2020

Vanhan Yhteiskoulun ranta, Kokemäki, Finland

Midnight Sun Film Festival 2020

Midnight Sun Film Festival

June, 2020

Multiple Locations in Sodankylä, Sodankylä, Finland, Sodankylä, Finland

Nummirock 2020


June, 2020

Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki, Finland

Iskelmä Festivaali 2020

Iskelmä Festivaali

June, 2020

Jämsä, Oulu, Finland, Jämsä, Finland

Haapavesi Folk Festival 2020

Haapavesi Folk Festival

June, 2020

Haapaveden Ammattioppilaitos, Teollisuustie 2 Haapevesi, Haapevesi, Finland

Untorock 2020


June, 2020

Jäähalli, Utajärvi, Finland

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2020

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival

June, 2020

Suvilhati, Helsinki, Finland

Provinssirock 2020


June, 2020

Törnävänsaari, Seinäjoki, Finland

About Festivals in Finland

Finland is famous for hosting amazing festivals, especially during the summer. Festivals in Finland are known worldwide, and thousands of people travel from across the globe to experience them. Some of the most popular music festivals in Finland are Weekend Festival, Down By The Laituri (DTBL), Finnish Metal Expo, the Ilosaarirock Festival, Tammerfest, Ruisrock Festival, Provinssirock Festival, and the Pori Jazz Festival. Many of these Finnish music festivals are rock themed, however the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival which is held annually, is the biggest folk music and dance festival in the Nordic countries. Festivals are typically held outdoors, where many musicians, singers and bands from all over Europe can preform on stage in front of thousands of people.

Other popular Finland events include Finland's largest arts festival, the Helsinki Festival and the multi-arts festival Kotka Maritime Festival. The world famous Midnight Sun Film Festival is the northernmost film festival featuring known directors and those just entering the industry. In addition, the World Village Festival which celebrates culture from around the world is a wonderful entertainment for the whole family. No matter what style, theme or even size people are looking for in a festival, it can be found in Finland.