US Festivals 2023, 2024 - US Music Festivals 2023, 2024

Portland Rose FestivalMay, 2023
Portland Rose Festival
The Portland Rose Festival, for more than a hundred years, begins the summer with Memorial Weekend festivities. The celebration lasts about two weeks and includes fireworks, all-floral and light parades, a city fair, boat races, a half marathon, live music, fleet week, and ends with the Rose Cup Races. Children enjoy the Junior Rose Festival with its own parade and a royal court. The Rose Festival Court is made up of high school girls as part of a scholarship program. For many people, summer is not measured by the equinox or by a calendar, but rather when the Portland Rose Festival announces its opening day. Not only is this world award-winning festival the perfect destination for the whole family, but the numerous events are exciting and will help to kick start your summer. Some of the most prominent events that happen at the Portland Rose Festival are the seemingly never-ending parades. While many feature a single theme throughout the entire parade, others allow each float to be as creative as possible. You can be sure that with parades, sports, singing, dancing, and food available throughout the entire festival there is fun around every corner.
Rocklahoma Music FestivalMay, 2023
Rocklahoma Music Festival
The annual rock festival, known as Rocklahoma, is back for another rockin' year! The rock festival takes place in Pryor, Oklahoma over several days. The festival is an outdoor, all-ages event. The show is divided into four main stages, with the biggest names in rock taking over. Concert-goers are encouraged to camp out on the grounds and stay close to the action. The annual rock fest has hosted some of the biggest rock bands in the world. Concert-goers will be able to camp right on the same grounds as the stages, giving them easy access to all the shows. General admission weekend camping includes restrooms, a shower facility, garbage services, a general store, and 24-hour security.
Bonnaroo Music and Arts FestivalJun, 2023
Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is an iconic annual event in Manchester, Tennessee that features four days of assorted styles of music, art, camping, comedy and much more. There is plenty of music, art, positivity, comedians and other activities to keep everyone moving and grooving in this great, environmentally friendly atmosphere. It prides itself on be totally self-sustaining and definitely over the top. The view is amazing, the festival is life changing and attendance is growing each year.
Pitchfork Music FestivalJuly, 2023
Pitchfork Music Festival
The Pitchfork Music Festival is an annual summer music event put together by Pitchfork Media and held in Union Park in Chicago, Illinois. The festival normally occurs during the month of July, over three days-Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The festival seeks to focus primarily on bands and artists from genres including electronic, hip-hop, dance, rap, and alternative rock. Sometimes though, the festival has put a twist on the music and incorporated hardcore punk, experimental rock and even jazz into their lineups. Attendees of the festival can enjoy a variety of foods and beverages, along with art and posters from local, regional and national vendors. A record is also a part of the event which is put together and managed by a local radio station.
TomorrowworldSep, 2023
TomorrowWorld is an unforgettable venue based on Belgium's Tomorrowland. Hidden deep in the forest of Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, the landscape is breathtaking full of lush green foliage. As a result, their annual festival is a perfect mix of nature and creative fun. Visitors experience the best of outdoor living from luxury tepees to serene trails. And then - there's the music! This event promotes DJs from all over the world who play tunes from varying genres. To add to their performances, stage concepts are colorful and interactive; they represent engaging themes drawn from different cultures. Attend the festival of TomorrowWorld and enjoy a one-of-a-kind getaway that soothes your soul.
Firefly Music FestivalJun, 2023
Firefly Music Festival
The Firefly Music Festival brings together individuals from all different walks of life to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Not only is great music on the menu at Firefly, but also an unbelievable venue that has been four years in the making. This festival has all the makings of a legendary music experience for music lovers of all ages. Music is one of the most tangible links to memory and Firefly Festival promises to make those memories some of the best.
Austin City Limits Music FestivalOct, 2023
Austin City Limits Music Festival
The original idea for the Austin City Limits Music Festival traces back to the popular PBS music program "Austin City Limits." The ACL Music Festival has grown into a major event held each year in early autumn Festival activities take place over two successive three day weekends. The entertainment isn't limited to country music. You can enjoy artists performing songs from most popular genres, including rock, folk, R&B and hip hop. When you aren't listening to the music, you can browse the Art Market or grab a bite to eat at Austin Eats, which features food from top Austin restaurants. The ACL Music Festival is family-friendly, and there is a special area for youngsters known as Austin Kiddie Limits.
Fiesta San AntonioApr, 2023
Fiesta San Antonio
Fiesta San Antonio is an event that began in 1891 by a group of women who wanted to honor heroes from the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. Over the years, the original purpose has expanded turning it into a multi-faceted festival that promotes diversity while earning funds for local non-profit organizations. Visitors of Fiesta San Antonio can expect to see colorful parades, hear live music and eat ethnic food. They also may rub rub elbows with local celebrities and engage in walk-a-thons for their favorite charities. Best of all: the entire family can attend this extravaganza. The offerings are excellent for people of all ages. So, there's no limit on fun.
International Cherry Blossom FestivalMar, 2024
International Cherry Blossom Festival
Named one of the Top 20 Events in the USA, Macon's International Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the city's 300,000-plus Yoshino Cherry Trees with lively events, activities, concerts and performances. For 10 days each March, the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World welcomes more than 300,000 local and international visitors to experiences its endless canopy of pink blossoms. Festivities kick off with a colorful parade and continue with other signature activities like the Blossom Ball, Beers & Brats Biergarten and Mulberry Street Arts & Crafts Festival. While the pink blossoms take center stage, food plays a big role in the celebration. Visitors can enjoy edible delights at the Pink Pancake Breakfast, gourmet Food Truck Frenzy and International & Fair Food exposition.

UK Festivals 2023, 2024 - UK Music Festivals 2023, 2024

Isle of Wight FestivalJun, 2023
Isle of Wight Festival
Certainly one of the most electrifying music jubilees in the world, the Isle of Wight Festival is the must see musical experience of the year. This season, the festival is full of even more great music and thrilling entertainment. Originally started in 1968, this festival started as a go-to for fans of rock music from all corners of the world. Now, the festival continues to rock with a hot batch of musical acts that are destined to make this year's festivities go down in history. Music is only the start of the amazing entertainment planned for this festival. Attendees can also enjoy quizzes, cabaret, comedy shows, and even mind-blowing poetry slam sessions. Visitors from out of town can stay in comfort in one of the many lodging options in the area.
Latitude FestivalJuly, 2023
Latitude Festival
The Latitude Festival has introduced festival-goers to the hottest and latest artists in such diverse fields as theater, poetry, cabaret, comedy, literature and film. The festival has three major music venues: Obelisk Arena, BBC Radio Music Stage and iArena. The Obelisk Arena sits on top of the hill overlooking the entire festival, while the iArena rests under trees. Everybody is therefore sure to find something they enjoy. There are also scores of comedians performing. This festival offers a wide range of accommodations, from basic campsites to area hotels. The campsites are divided into zones, and each zone has its own facilities including toilets, fire towers and water points. Other facilities like showers, ATMs, lockers, first aid and shops will be found in the Village near the main entrance.
T in the ParkJuly, 2023
T in the Park
T in the Park is a Scottish music festival that has survived for just over two decades. The T of the event's name is in recognition of Tennent's Lager, brewed by Wellpark Brewery whom is the venue's founding contributor. In addition to being enjoying a wide range of musical performances, so many that the venue's original duration of two days necessitated an expansion to three; attendees can also partake of a special batch of Tennent's Lager brewed one and a half days prior to the event's opening festivities. As of the venue's latest move, visitors to this impressive rock festival can also explore the hallways and chambers of Strathallan Castle.
Reading FestivalAug, 2023
Reading Festival
The Reading Festival has been going strong now for over a quarter of a century. Started in 1989, the festival had humble beginnings starting with one stage, a few popular musical acts, and a three day weekend. Now the festival has become one of the most popular in the United Kingdom, boasting five different stages showcasing popular artists from the U.K. and the United States in the rock, alternative, and rap genres. Some past headliners for this event include Paramore, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, Muse, Metallica, Slipknot, and many more legendary music acts. Fans can enjoy a thrilling three day weekend listening to their favorite bands while they camp out . The festival also offers a movie tent for late night entertainment and a Funfair in addition to the music festival. You can enjoy delicious meals from our variety of vendors that we offer. Festival goers can pitch tents in the expansive camping area as they wait for their favorite bands to come on stage. If you do not have your own tent the Leeds campground offers many luxury camping options for you to enjoy. The camping site also has spaces available for campers and caravans should you desire a more comfortable camping experience.
Boomtown FairAug, 2023
Boomtown Fair
BoomTown is considered to be one of the wildest independent festivals in the world. Established in 2009, the fair takes place every summer, offering entertainment for visitors of all ages. Additionally, it conducts arts and crafts workshops for children. Tracing its origin to its "underground" roots, Boomtown offers every type of music, from folk and jazz to disco and punk. The performances take place at more than 20 venues that can serve thousands of visitors at one time. Showing its commitment to others, BoomTown regularly provides funds for a variety of charities. Through entertainment and charity, BoomTown is dedicated to improving the world in which we live.
Wilderness FestivalAug, 2023
Wilderness Festival
The combination of fantastic music, amazing food, and a lovely atmosphere come together to give you the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire, UK. More than live music performances, The Oxfordshire Wilderness Festival also offers a serene environment for camping and enjoying the serene backdrop of countryside. From family friendly music guests to stunning physical feats presented in a Cirque style, the Wilderness Festival offers events and exhibitions for festival attendees of all ages.

Europe Festivals 2023, 2024 - Europe Music Festivals 2023, 2024

Impact FestivalJun, 2023
Impact Festival
Europe is known for having some of the most incredible music festivals in the world. There is nothing quite like the experience of attending a music festival in Europe, specifically in Lodz, Poland. You will hear some heavy metal, progressive metal, alternative, rock, indie and even some DJs. The festival stays true to its name and truly impacts you through the experience you have while you attend the festival. You will spend your day meeting beautiful people, grooving to some incredible live music, seeing an assortment of funky costumes and clothing, freeing your mind and spirit and dancing the night away with a bunch of other people. You will be staying in the third-largest city in Poland, and a beautiful city at that. The architecture is mind-blowing, the city art is phenomenal and the streets are filled with people enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Atlas Arena is a beautiful dome-spaced building which really opens the space, for more room to dance of course.
TomorrowlandJuly, 2023
Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival in Belgium, Europe, featuring the world’s most sought after DJs and producers. Other festivals will not compare to the quality of music, atmosphere and community that will resonate through the event. This is where the most talented artists come to make you have the time of your life. This festival is known to be the highlight of the music scene. Outrageously exciting, exhilarating and entrancing decorations accompany the performances of our world's greatest electronic music stars. Beyond the music, there is much to be excited for. Camping on the ground for a weekend can provide you with the most astoundingly unique experiences of your life. Make new acquaintances and form meaningful and lasting friendships.
Roskilde FestivalJun, 2023
Roskilde Festival
With some of the biggest names in music, the Roskilde Festival in Denmark is again gearing up to bring fans an experience of a lifetime. Besides rock, indie, electronic, and pop music, fans will also be treated to comedy, cabaret, poetry, a carnival, and much more at this week-long festival. At least 190 acts will perform. Every day the festival will be filled with excitement, music and entertainment. It's only 30 minutes from Copenhagen and getting there is easy. Shops, food, showers, grills and campsites are all close by. You can even rent a bike to get around the festival quickly. A great time is definitely had by all who attend and it's a memory that will last a lifetime.