Sweden Festivals 2017, 2018

Falkenberg Rockfest 2017

Falkenberg Rockfest

August, 2017

Tullbroskolan, Falkenberg, Sweden

Festivalen Hemligheten 2017

Festivalen Hemligheten

August, 2017

Dynamo, Norrköping, Sweden

Stockholm Music & Arts 2017

Stockholm Music & Arts

August, 2017

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Culture Festival 2017

Stockholm Culture Festival

August, 2017

Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden

Uppsala Progressive Rock Festival 2017

Uppsala Progressive Rock Festival

August, 2017

Parksnäckan, Uppsala, Sweden

Rix FM Festival 2017

Rix FM Festival

August, 2017

Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, Sweden

TTHC Fest 2017


August, 2017

Skjul Fyra Sex, Göteborg, Sweden

Mix Megapols Sommarkalas 2017

Mix Megapols Sommarkalas

August, 2017

Liseberg, Göteborg, Sweden

Getaway Rock Festival 2017

Getaway Rock Festival

August, 2017

Gasklockorna, Gävle, Sweden

Musikens Makt 2017

Musikens Makt

August, 2017

Gültzauudden, Luleå, Sweden

Stockholm Music & Arts Festival 2017

Stockholm Music & Arts Festival

August, 2017

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

Munken in the Park 2017

Munken in the Park

August, 2017

Saliga Munken, Norrköping, Sweden

Gamrocken 2017


August, 2017

Piren, Ludvika, Sweden

Slottsskogen Goes Progressive 2017

Slottsskogen Goes Progressive

August, 2017

Villa Belparc, Göteborg, Sweden

Electronic Summer 2017

Electronic Summer

August, 2017

Brewhouse, Göteborg, Sweden

Frizon'14 2017


August, 2017

Frizon Festival, Kumla, Sweden

Göteborgs kulturkalas 2017

Göteborgs kulturkalas

August, 2017

Götaplatsen, Göteborg, Sweden

Eksjö Stadsfest 2017

Eksjö Stadsfest

August, 2017

Eksjö Stadsfest, Eksjö, Sweden

Karlstad Oktoberfest 2017

Karlstad Oktoberfest

August, 2017

Stora Torget, Karlstad, Sweden

Kalabalik 2017


August, 2017

Tyrolen, Alvesta, Sweden



August, 2017

Slakthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

Popaganda 2017


September 1, 2017

Eriksdalsbadet, Hammarby Slussväg 20 Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

No Limit Street Art Borås 2017

No Limit Street Art Borås

September 3, 2017

Throughout Borås, Borås, Borås, Sweden

Stockholm will host the first large conference on cryptocurrency and blockchain 2017

Stockholm will host the first large conference on cryptocurrency and blockchain

September 7, 2017

Elite Hotel Marina Tower , Stockholm, Sweden

Mörkaste Småland 2017

Mörkaste Småland

September, 2017

Metropol, Hultsfred, Sweden

About Festivals in Sweden

Festivals in Sweden draw on a historic culture and geographic climate setting to produce an amazing range of festivals. Sweden's religious heritage combined with a geographic variation makes for a combination of church and agricultural celebrations the attract visitors from all over the world. Although only four percent of today's population is engaged in agriculture most of the rural communities have unique local festivals based on their church or type of farming. Religious holidays such as Christmas focus on arts and crafts and food that set the community and holiday apart. Christmas Eve is the beginning of this holiday which ends three days later on Boxing Day.

Sweden's urban areas see a huge selection of music and arts annual events. Sweden music festivals are world events. The city of Gothenburg hosts two exciting annual events. Summerburst is a celebration of electronic music that draws performers, artists and appreciative audiences. The Gothenburg Culture Festival in mid-August presents a wide range of artists from ballet to Classical music and symphonies. All this presented with a backdrop of unique Scandinavian architecture.

The Peace and Love Festival held annually in Borlange, offers those who participate an opportunity to see and hear ideas that may be new to them and can be understood in an atmosphere of tolerance. Sweden shares its culture generously with its festivals.