Sweden Festivals 2019, 2020

Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2019

Uppsala International Short Film Festival

October, 2019

Uppsala, Sweden

Black Harvest 2019

Black Harvest

October, 2019

Slakthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

Huskvarna Rock & Art Weekend 2019

Huskvarna Rock & Art Weekend

October, 2019

Folkets Park, Huskvarna, Sweden

Gothenburg Deathfest 2019

Gothenburg Deathfest

October, 2019

Ballroom Henriksberg, Göteborg, Sweden

Close-Up Båten 2019

Close-Up Båten

October, 2019

Tallink Silja AB, Värtahamnen, Hamnpirsvägen 10 Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Celebrate the 80s & 90s with the Hoff 2019

Celebrate the 80s & 90s with the Hoff

October, 2019

Malmö Arena, Malmö, Sweden

Bodyfest 2019


October, 2019

Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm International Film Festival 2019

Stockholm International Film Festival

November, 2019

Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden Prog Fest 2019

Sweden Prog Fest

November, 2019

Bryggarsalen, Stockholm, Sweden

electriXmas 2019


December, 2019

Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden

Black Christmas Festival 2019

Black Christmas Festival

December, 2019

Flygeln, Norrköping, Sweden

Scorched Tundra Festival 2019

Scorched Tundra Festival

December, 2019

Sticky Fingers, Göteborg, Sweden

Black Christmass Festival 2019

Black Christmass Festival

December, 2019

Flygeln, Norrköping, Sweden

Gothenburg Sound Festival 2020

Gothenburg Sound Festival

January, 2020

Trädgår'n, Göteborg, Sweden

Göteborg International Film Festival 2020

Göteborg International Film Festival

January, 2020

Multiple Locations in Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden, Göteborg, Sweden

Elvis Presley Birthday Party 2020

Elvis Presley Birthday Party

January, 2020

Katalin, Uppsala, Sweden

Lego Brick Films Festival 2020

Lego Brick Films Festival

January, 2020

Ornskoldsvik, Sweden

Snöfestivalen 2020


January, 2020

Multiple Locations in Kiruna, Kiruna, Sweden, Kiruna, Sweden

C2C Country to Country 2020

C2C Country to Country

February, 2020

Hovet, Hovet, Globentorget Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden

Göteborgs Visfestival 2020

Göteborgs Visfestival

February, 2020

Oceanen, Göteborg, Sweden

House Of Metal 2020

House Of Metal

February, 2020

Umeå Folkets Hus, Umeå, Sweden

Death Kills Festival 2020

Death Kills Festival

February, 2020

Bryggarsalen Vasastan, Stockholm, Sweden

Sónar Stockholm 2020

Sónar Stockholm

February, 2020

Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center, Nils Ericsons Plan 4 Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden

Umeå Open 2020

Umeå Open

March, 2020

Umeå Folkets Hus, Umeå, Sweden

Witches of Easter 2020

Witches of Easter

April, 2020

Babel, Malmö, Sweden

About Festivals in Sweden

Festivals in Sweden draw on a historic culture and geographic climate setting to produce an amazing range of festivals. Sweden's religious heritage combined with a geographic variation makes for a combination of church and agricultural celebrations the attract visitors from all over the world. Although only four percent of today's population is engaged in agriculture most of the rural communities have unique local festivals based on their church or type of farming. Religious holidays such as Christmas focus on arts and crafts and food that set the community and holiday apart. Christmas Eve is the beginning of this holiday which ends three days later on Boxing Day.

Sweden's urban areas see a huge selection of music and arts annual events. Sweden music festivals are world events. The city of Gothenburg hosts two exciting annual events. Summerburst is a celebration of electronic music that draws performers, artists and appreciative audiences. The Gothenburg Culture Festival in mid-August presents a wide range of artists from ballet to Classical music and symphonies. All this presented with a backdrop of unique Scandinavian architecture.

The Peace and Love Festival held annually in Borlange, offers those who participate an opportunity to see and hear ideas that may be new to them and can be understood in an atmosphere of tolerance. Sweden shares its culture generously with its festivals.