Norway Festivals 2019, 2020

Bukta Tromsø Open Air Festival 2019

Bukta Tromsø Open Air Festival

July, 2019

Tvbit, 29, Parkgata 27 Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway

Slottsfjellfestivalen 2019


July, 2019

Slottsfjelltårnet, Dronning Blancas gate 14A Tønsberg, Tønsberg, Norway

Rootsfestivalen 2019


July, 2019

Rootsfestivalen, Brønnøysund, Norway

Canal Street Festival 2019

Canal Street Festival

July, 2019

Multiple Locations in Arendal, Arendal, Arendal, Norway

Vinjerock 2019


July, 2019

Eidsbugarden, Vang i Valdres, Norway

Indiefjord 2019


July, 2019

Haukly, Bjørke, Norway

Norsk Countrytreff Festival 2019

Norsk Countrytreff Festival

July, 2019

Multiple Locations in Breim, Breim, Breim, Norway

Skudefestivalen 2019


July, 2019

Karmøybanken Arena, Skudeneshavn, Norway

Sommerfesten på Giske 2019

Sommerfesten på Giske

July, 2019

Giske, Ålesund, Norway

Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival 2019

Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival

July, 2019

Multiple Locations in Lofoten, Lofoten, Norway, Lofoten, Norway

SALT Art & Music Festival 2019

SALT Art & Music Festival

July, 2019

Festningsallmenningen, Operatunnelen Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Country Music Festival Vinstra 2019

Country Music Festival Vinstra

July, 2019

Kåjavegen, Vinstra, Vinstra, Norway

Skral Festival 2019

Skral Festival

July, 2019

Groos, Grimstad, Norway

Slottsfjell 2019


July, 2019

Slottsfjell, Tønsberg, Norway

Malakoff 2019


July, 2019

Malakoff, Nordfjordeid, Norway

Finnsnes i Fest 2019

Finnsnes i Fest

July, 2019

Multiple Locations in Finnsnes, Finnsness, Finnsness, Norway

Egersund visefestival 2019

Egersund visefestival

July, 2019

Egersund city, Egersund, Norway

Midnattsrocken Festival 2019

Midnattsrocken Festival

July, 2019

Brennelvneset, Lakselv, Lakselv, Norway

Skånevik Bluesfestival 2019

Skånevik Bluesfestival

July, 2019

Bluesteltet, Skånevik, Norway

Molde International Jazz Festival 2019

Molde International Jazz Festival

July, 2019

Multiple Locations in Molde, Molde, Molde, Norway

Trænafestivalen 2019


July, 2019

Throughout Træna, Træna Træna, Træna, Norway

Pstereo Festival 2019

Pstereo Festival

August, 2019

Marinen, Bispegata 3 Trondheim, Trondheim, Norway

Parkenfestivalen 2019


August, 2019

Rensåsparken, Bodø, Norway

Rott Rock 2019

Rott Rock

August, 2019

Rott, Tananger, Norway

About Festivals in Norway

There are many great festivals in Norway that take place annually. The New Year's Eve in Oslo offers parties that range from very private and quiet to extravagant and hot. The Bergen Art Festival in Bergen is another popular festival in Norway. It takes place every year during the middle of October and offers visitors great art and music. It is the largest event during fall in Bergen and also has jazz performances and film showings. The Oslo Jazz Festival is a very large event each year. There are soul and blues performances and big names and jazz stars from Europe and Norway.

Norway music festivals are very popular also. The Oslo Chamber Music Festival takes place every year in August and offers music events in historical buildings in the city. For food lovers, the Norwegian Food Festival in Alesund is popular event. It takes place every year in late August. It is the biggest Norwegian food festival. Another popular event is the Norwegian Wood Festival. It is a rock festival that is named for the Beatles song called "Norwegian Wood". It is an event that takes place over four days in the middle of June. It showcases Norwegian bands and international artists. Some notable past acts have been Johnny Cash, Sting, Bob Dylan, and David Bowie.