Belgium Festivals 2019, 2020

Braincore 2019


April, 2019

Mj le prisme, Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium

21st Brussels Short Film Festival 2019

21st Brussels Short Film Festival

April, 2019

Brussels, Belgium

Grof Grief 9 2019

Grof Grief 9

April, 2019

JH De Redekiel, Maldegem, Belgium

Antwerp Convention 2019

Antwerp Convention

April, 2019

Antwerp Expo, Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191 Antwerpen, Belgium, Antwerpen, Belgium

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2019

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

April, 2019

Palais Des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium

Festival Babel 2019

Festival Babel

April, 2019

Théâtre Marni r. de Vergnies 25, Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Comedy Festival 2019

Brussels Comedy Festival

April, 2019

Divers lieux à Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium



April, 2019

De Vlessenhoeve, Oude Baan 96 Meerhout, Meerhout, Belgium

Replay Festival 2019

Replay Festival

April, 2019

Netepark Herentals, Vorselaarsebaan 56 Herentals, Herentals, Belgium

Tour of Flanders 2019

Tour of Flanders

April, 2019

Flanders, Belgium

Nekka Nacht 2019

Nekka Nacht

April, 2019

Lotto Arena, Antwerpen, Belgium

Durbuy Rock Festival 2019

Durbuy Rock Festival

April, 2019

Durbuy Rock Festival Grounds, Durbuy Rock, Rue du Sassin Bomal, Bomal, Belgium

Trolls & Légendes 2019

Trolls & Légendes

April, 2019

Mons Expo, Mons, Belgium

Coastrock 2019


April, 2019

Gistel, Gistel, Belgium

Brussels Short Trip 2019

Brussels Short Trip

April, 2019

Brussels, Belgium

Daydream Festival 2019

Daydream Festival

April, 2019

Festivalpark Lommel, Lommel, Belgium

Little Waves 2019

Little Waves

April, 2019

C-mine cultuurcentrum, Genk, Belgium

Art Brussels 2019

Art Brussels

April, 2019

Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port 86c Bruxelles, Belgium, Bruxelles, Belgium

Convention Prog Résiste 2019

Convention Prog Résiste

April, 2019

Espace Culturel Victor Jara, Soignies, Belgium

Balkan Trafik Festival 2019

Balkan Trafik Festival

April, 2019

BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium



April, 2019

Tours & Taxis, Bruxelles, Belgium

Next Generation 2019

Next Generation

April, 2019

Mercelis / Flagey, Brussels, Belgium

About Festivals in Belgium

Belgium has a lot to offer when it comes to festivals, so there's plenty to see and do when you visit besides grabbing a beer and fries. For music lovers, Belgium music festivals that are held during the summer months are numerous and they take advantage of the great weather. Tomorrowland is the biggest electronic music festival in the world and held in a town appropriately called Boom. Another great festival is the Brussels Summer Festival which features over 250 concerts and also theater performances and street entertainers. There's also an indoor music festival called the Ghent Festivities that lasts for 10 days.

There are also many festivals in Belgium that commemorate historical events or were passed down from medieval times. One such festival is a religious procession called the Procession of the Holy Blood that is the largest in the world and is an event recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage List. Another festival that has lasted through the ages is the Ommegang Festival in Brussels that dates back to 1549 and features horses, jousting and live processions. An unusual festival is the Dinant International Bathtub Regatta that feature a floating fleet of bathtubs with unusual decorations. For beer lovers, the Zythos Beer Festival is held in Lueven, the home of Stella Artois.