New South Wales Festivals 2021, 2022

Art in Action 2022

Art in Action

May, 2022

Merroo Conference Centre, Greater Sydney Basin, New South Wales

Northern Beaches Wellness Community Festival 2021

Northern Beaches Wellness Community Festival

October, 2021

Harbord Diggers Memorial Club, Sydney, New South Wales

5 Rivers Outback Festival 2021

5 Rivers Outback Festival

October, 2021

Balranald, New South Wales, Australia, Balranald, New South Wales

Musica Viva Festival 2021

Musica Viva Festival

October, 2021

Sydney, New South Wales

Home Brewed International Film Festival 2021

Home Brewed International Film Festival

October, 2021

Wollongong, New South Wales

Fight to Survive 2021

Fight to Survive

October, 2021

Underground, Sydney, New South Wales

Devouring The Flesh Fest 2021

Devouring The Flesh Fest

October, 2021

Valve Bar & Venue, Sydney, New South Wales

International Chinese Film Festival 2021

International Chinese Film Festival

October, 2021

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Sydney, New South Wales

Balranald's 5 Rivers Outback Festival 2021

Balranald's 5 Rivers Outback Festival

October, 2021

Balranald, Balranald, New South Wales

Steel Assassins 2021

Steel Assassins

October, 2021

The Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Leichhardt, New South Wales

Craven Creek Festival 2021

Craven Creek Festival

October, 2021

Festival Hall, Gloucester, New South Wales

Move Shake Dance Festival 2021

Move Shake Dance Festival

October, 2021

Central Coast Dance, Erina, New South Wales

Soulfest 2021


October, 2021

The Domain, Royal Botantic Gardens, Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney Rope Festival 2021

Sydney Rope Festival

October, 2021

Sydney Rope Dojo, Leichhardt, New South Wales

Wingham Akoostik Music Festival  2021

Wingham Akoostik Music Festival

October, 2021

Wingham, New South Wales

Diwali on the Harbor 2021

Diwali on the Harbor

October, 2021

Sydney, New South Wales

Anathema 2021


October, 2021

Metro Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales

DiG Festival 2021

DiG Festival

October, 2021

Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, New South Wales

Soulfest 2021


October, 2021

Victoria Park, Goulburn, New South Wales

Walcha Garden Festival 2021

Walcha Garden Festival

October, 2021

Walcha, New South Wales, Australia, Walcha, New South Wales

Double Bay Organic Food & Farmers Markets 2021

Double Bay Organic Food & Farmers Markets

October, 2021

Guilfoyle Park, Sydney, New South Wales

Yours & Owls 2021

Yours & Owls

October, 2021

Stuart Park, Wollongong, New South Wales

Tamworth Country Music Festival 2022

Tamworth Country Music Festival

January, 2022

Tamworth, New South Wales

Thredbo Blues Festival 2022

Thredbo Blues Festival

January, 2022

Friday Drive, Thredbo, New South Wales

Guyra Lamb and Potato Festival 2022

Guyra Lamb and Potato Festival

January, 2022

New England Highway, Guyra, New South Wales

About Festivals in New South Wales

With all the places in the world that you could travel to, nowhere quite says “adventure” like Australia. The crown jewel of this exotic island nation is its capital—Sydney—in the province of New South Wales. New South Wales, or NSW as it’s often called, has a rich history and culture that you can certainly enjoy during your next trip “down under!”
Like most of Australia, New South Wales is known for its excellent food and beaches. There is certainly no shortage of high end restaurants or beautiful shores to explore. Those seeking adventure activities or aboriginal culture will also be blown away by all that New South Wales has to offer. New South Wales highlights these aspects of their province and culture in their festivals that are enjoyed by natives and tourists alike. Below, a couple of festivals are highlighted, from the 2015 New South Wales event calendar, that are sure to make your trip especially memorable and enjoyable.

National Australia Day Maritime Festival
What better way to enjoy Australia than to celebrate their national holiday with the locals? Australia Day—the celebration of the first Britannic peoples in Australia in 1788—is observed on January 26 each year. The residents of Newcastle, NSW carry on the tradition of a maritime festival that dates back nearly two centuries. “The Newcastle Harbour Regatta”, as it was called back in 1834, ran for over one hundred consecutive years before being placed on hold due to World War II. In 1982, residents of the town reinstituted the festival, now operating under the present name of the “National Australia Day Maritime Festival.” Since that time, this event has grown to become one of the largest maritime events in the entire nation.

Chinese New Year Festival Sydney 2015
This festival will be taking place on Chinese New Year, which is February 8. This festival is an opportunity for those living in or visiting Sydney to enjoy the special event that is Chinese New Year. Attending this festival would be an excellent opportunity to enjoy an Australian interpretation of Chinese food and culture during the New Year!

Byron Bay International Film Festival
Filmmakers from around the world will be heading to Byron Bay during the second week of March to take part in the seventh annual festival. Not only is Byron Bay an excellent place to catch some short films this time of year, but it is also an excellent place to enjoy beach activities along with shopping and fine dining. Byron Bay is Australia’s most eastern point and enjoys fantastic, sub-tropical weather nearly year round. Some ten percent of international travelers to Australia will spend time in Byron Bay during their travels, despite being away from major cities and other tourist traps. As you can see there are plenty of things to do in New South Wales. Whether it’s enjoying NSW holidays or basking in the beautiful weather and culture, there is always something to do. Enjoy the festivals in NSW, 2015!