Germany Festivals 2022, 2023



June, 2022

JUZ Saarlouis, Saarlouis, Germany

Keimzelle Ungnade 2022

Keimzelle Ungnade

June, 2022

Wagenplatz, Alt Ungnade, Germany

worldClubDome 2022


June, 2022

Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Süd Ost Rock Festival 2022

Süd Ost Rock Festival

June, 2022

Fliegerhalle, Bad Aibling, Germany

Heavy Electronics 2022

Heavy Electronics

June, 2022

7er Club, Mannheim, Germany

Out4Fame Festival 2022

Out4Fame Festival

June, 2022

Langer Weg, Hünxe, Germany

There's No Tomorrow Open Air 2022

There's No Tomorrow Open Air

June, 2022

Kilianeum, Würzburg, Germany

Kamehameha Festival 2022

Kamehameha Festival

June, 2022

Am Flugplatz, Offenburg, Germany

Denovali Festival Berlin 2022

Denovali Festival Berlin

June, 2022

Radialsystem V, Berlin, Germany

Der Detze Rockt 2022

Der Detze Rockt

June, 2022

Sportplatz Detzenberg, Daun, Germany

Umsonst & Draußen 2022

Umsonst & Draußen

June, 2022

Mainwiese, Würzburg, Germany

Kiel Explode Festival Vol. 5 2022

Kiel Explode Festival Vol. 5

June, 2022

Alte Meierei, Kiel, Germany

Spirit Of The Streets 2022

Spirit Of The Streets

June, 2022

Bandworm Records, Magdeburg, Germany

If The Kids Are United Fest Vol. IV 2022

If The Kids Are United Fest Vol. IV

June, 2022

Jam Club, Koblenz, Germany

Musikschutzgebiet 2022


June, 2022

Grünhof, Homberg (Efze), Germany

Berlin Summer Rave 6 2022

Berlin Summer Rave 6

June, 2022

Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany

Summerblast Warm Up Showcase 2022

Summerblast Warm Up Showcase

June, 2022

Exhaus, Trier, Germany

Mair1 Festival 2022

Mair1 Festival

June, 2022

Flugplatz, Montabaur, Germany

Cry Me A River Fest 2022

Cry Me A River Fest

June, 2022

W6, Versmold-Peckeloh, Germany

Fusion Festival 2022

Fusion Festival

June, 2022

Lärz, Germany

Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum 2022

Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum

June, 2022

Burgwiesen, Wassenberg, Germany

MODULAR Festival 2022

MODULAR Festival

June, 2022

Kongress am Park, Augsburg, Germany

Wilwarin Festival 2022

Wilwarin Festival

June, 2022

Ellerdorfer Waldbühne, Ellerdorf, Germany

Potstock 2022


June, 2022

Festival-Gelände, Hohenlobbese, Germany

Kosmonaut Festival 2022

Kosmonaut Festival

June, 2022

Stausee Oberrabenstein, Chemnitz, Germany

About Festivals in Germany

Germany is one of the most visited country in Europe, where aside from the beautiful country and cities to visit, there are things to see and participate in, such as multiple festivals where one can get a flair of the local life. Festivals in Germany are well known for their, colorful atmosphere with diverse cultural themes such as art, literature, music and theater, as well as food, beer, wine, craft and religious festivals.

The Spring festival in Munich, the International beer festival in Berlin and October fest in Munich are among the largest, most beautiful and well known Germany events to attend while visiting this country. There are organized festivals and fairs during the year in many cities such as Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Dresden and many others with a special Christmas Market event event during December throughout Germany.

Germany music festivals are exceptional encompassing all music genre such as classical, jazz, pop, religious, etc. with the well-known Mozartfest in late May, Thuringian Bach Weeks in April, Jazzfest Berlin in October, Bardentreffen Nurnberg a world music festival at the end of July, Klassik Open Air music festival at the end of July in Nurnberg, Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt at the end of August to name a few.