Germany Festivals 2022, 2023

Lauter Krach Festival II 2022

Lauter Krach Festival II

November, 2022

Kulturhaus Lauter, Lauter-Bernsbach, Germany

Week-End Fest 2022

Week-End Fest

November, 2022

Stadthalle Köln-Mülheim Jülich GmbH, Jan-Wellem-Straße 2 Köln, Germany, Köln, Germany

Nature One electric city 2022

Nature One electric city

November, 2022

Multiple Locations in Koblenz, Koblenz, Germany, Koblenz, Germany

National MS Society MSQuerade 2022

National MS Society MSQuerade

November, 2022

World Cafe Live at The Queen, Wilmington, Germany

Leafmeal 2022


November, 2022

FZW, Dortmund, Germany

Blast Of Eternity 2022

Blast Of Eternity

November, 2022

Gleis 3, Neckarsulm, Germany

One Life One Crew Fest 2022

One Life One Crew Fest

November, 2022

Wiesenhaus, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany

Dark Hymns & Black Arts II 2022

Dark Hymns & Black Arts II

November, 2022

Theater Fabrik, Leipzig, Germany

Generation Prog Festival 2022

Generation Prog Festival

November, 2022

Luise Cultfactory, Nürnberg, Germany



November, 2022

Kulturschock Zelle, Reutlingen, Germany

Thumbs Up Fest 2022

Thumbs Up Fest

November, 2022

Kulturwerkstatt, Paderborn, Germany

Black Fall Fest 2022

Black Fall Fest

November, 2022

Römer, Bremen, Germany

Panama Plus Festival 2022

Panama Plus Festival

November, 2022

muffatwerk, München, Germany

3. Hamburger Küchensessions Festival 2022

3. Hamburger Küchensessions Festival

November, 2022

Knust, Hamburg, Germany

Dark Goth NIght 2022

Dark Goth NIght

November, 2022

Brauerei Schleswig, Schleswig, Germany

Psychedelic Network Festival 2022

Psychedelic Network Festival

November, 2022

Jugendkulturhaus Cairo, Würzburg, Germany

Skunk Festival 2022

Skunk Festival

November, 2022

Mephisto/Faust, Hannover, Germany

H.E.A.T Festival 2022

H.E.A.T Festival

November, 2022

Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Germany

AUTUMN FROM HELL Festival 2022


November, 2022

Schützenhaus, Hohenstein-Erntstthal, Germany

ARD Hörspieltage 2022

ARD Hörspieltage

November, 2022

Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany



November, 2022

Unikum - Events & More, Braunschweig, Germany

Operation Ton 2022

Operation Ton

November, 2022

Kulturhaus III&70, Hamburg, Germany

Weltenbaum Festival 2022

Weltenbaum Festival

November, 2022

From Hell, Erfurt, Germany

Rolling Stone Weekender 2022

Rolling Stone Weekender

November, 2022

Weissenhäuser Strand, Seestraße 1 Oldenburg, Germany, Oldenburg, Germany

Biker Advent in Pullman CIty 2022

Biker Advent in Pullman CIty

November, 2022

Pullman City, Eging am See, Germany

About Festivals in Germany

Germany is one of the most visited country in Europe, where aside from the beautiful country and cities to visit, there are things to see and participate in, such as multiple festivals where one can get a flair of the local life. Festivals in Germany are well known for their, colorful atmosphere with diverse cultural themes such as art, literature, music and theater, as well as food, beer, wine, craft and religious festivals.

The Spring festival in Munich, the International beer festival in Berlin and October fest in Munich are among the largest, most beautiful and well known Germany events to attend while visiting this country. There are organized festivals and fairs during the year in many cities such as Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Dresden and many others with a special Christmas Market event event during December throughout Germany.

Germany music festivals are exceptional encompassing all music genre such as classical, jazz, pop, religious, etc. with the well-known Mozartfest in late May, Thuringian Bach Weeks in April, Jazzfest Berlin in October, Bardentreffen Nurnberg a world music festival at the end of July, Klassik Open Air music festival at the end of July in Nurnberg, Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt at the end of August to name a few.