France Festivals 2019, 2020

Garorock Festival 2019

Garorock Festival

June, 2019

Plaine de la Filhole, 1 Boulevard Richard Cœur de Lion Marmande, Marmande, France

Aucard de Tours 2019

Aucard de Tours

June, 2019

Parc de la Gloriette, Tours, France

Dîner en Blanc Paris 2019

Dîner en Blanc Paris

June, 2019

Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, Paris, Paris, France

Solidays 2019


June, 2019

Hippodrome de Longchamp, Paris, France

Plein Air De Rock 2019

Plein Air De Rock

June, 2019

Domaine de Moncel, Jarny, France

Les Francos Gourmandes 2019

Les Francos Gourmandes

June, 2019

La Grande Prairie, Tournus, France

Fête du Travailleur Alpin 2019

Fête du Travailleur Alpin

June, 2019

Parc de la Poya, Fontaine, France

Download Festival France 2019

Download Festival France

June, 2019

217 Air Base, Brétigny-sur-Orge, Brétigny-sur-Orge, France

Garorock 2019


June, 2019

Plaine de la Filhole, Marmande, France

Les Bichoiseries 2019

Les Bichoiseries

June, 2019

Base de loisirs du Mont de Cerisy, Cerisy-Belle-Étoile, France

Festival Montereau Confluences 2019

Festival Montereau Confluences

June, 2019

Parc des Noues, Montereau-Fault-Yonne, France

Soirs Au Village 2019

Soirs Au Village

June, 2019

Jardin Conservatoire, Saint-Calais, France

Wolfi Jazz 2019

Wolfi Jazz

June, 2019

Parc Fort Kléber, Wolfisheim, France

DCT Fest 2019

DCT Fest

June, 2019

Molodoï, Strasbourg, France

Ardèche Aluna Festival 2019

Ardèche Aluna Festival

June, 2019

Aluna Vacances, Ruoms, France

Monster Zero Paris Match 2019

Monster Zero Paris Match

June, 2019

La Mécanique Ondulatoire, Paris, France

Eurockéennes 2019


June, 2019

Eurockéennes, 55 A Chemin de Cramenus Sermamagny, France, Sermamagny, France

South Metal Fest 2019

South Metal Fest

June, 2019

Stade de la Garenne, Peynier, France

Fête de la Musique 2019

Fête de la Musique

June, 2019

Multiple Locations in Paris, Paris, France, Paris, France

Paris Jazz Festival 2019

Paris Jazz Festival

June, 2019

Parc Floral de Paris, Paris, Paris, France

Bordeaux Wine Festival 2019

Bordeaux Wine Festival

June, 2019

Bordeaux, France

Labo Pop Day 2019

Labo Pop Day

June, 2019

Petit Bain, Paris, France

Free Music Festival 2019

Free Music Festival

June, 2019

Lac du Baron Desqueyroux, Montendre, France

Jazz à Oloron Festival des Rives & Des Notes 2019

Jazz à Oloron Festival des Rives & Des Notes

June, 2019

Espace Jéliote, Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France

Festival BEAUREGARD 2019


June, 2019

Château de Beauregard, 568 Ancienne Route de Ouistreham Hérouville-Saint-Clair, France, Hérouville-Saint-Clair, France

About Festivals in France

France is a beautiful country known for its fantastic food, exquisite artwork, and quaint little cafes. But the French also love to have fun as evidenced by the many festivals that are held throughout the year.

For example, the Cannes Film Festival is an annual festival that sees millions of people descend upon the small town of Cannes, France. Many of the best documentaries and independent films have their premiere at this festival people from around the globe. La fete de la Musica is another very popular festival in France. This is a street music festival that is held during the summer solstice in many different cities in France. Thousands of musicians gather in the streets, performing a wide variety of music including rock, jazz, and traditional French music.

Another popular French festival is the Versailles Festival. This festival celebrates classical music, dance and art. It is held at the Chateau de Versailles and is celebrated with a number of smaller events all summer long from May through July. The Mullhouse Beer Festival is a 3-day long festival that is held in the city of Mullhouse in Northern France and features beer and cheese tasting as well as a number of other fun events. Overall, festivals in France are a great way to learn about France and to explore the country.