Things to do in Dublin 2019

Things to do in Dublin 2019

November, 2019

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

About This Festival

n and excitement, there’s something for the whole family so why not come and experience the most breath-taking outdoor activity in Ireland in a fun and safe environment.

Climb high into the treetops, swing into cargo nets, fly down one of our many ziplines.

With 5 circuits ranging from 1-20 metres high, Zipit Forest Adventures, offers up to 4 hours of fun for all ages and abilities – from beginners to adrenaline junkies. Come as a family, come on your own, or bring along a group.

Zipit Forest Adventures, is the perfect activity for hens, stags, youth groups, corporate days out and school tours.

Minimum 7 years old and 1 metre tall.

Tibradden Wood Course Information

Zipit opened its second course in Dublin 16 in April 2013, bringing their adrenaline-pumping, high wire trail to the fabulous pine forest of Tibradden Wood (known locally as Pine Forest) only a few minutes from the M50.

A full day's fun beckons with Zipit Tibradden located 15 minutes from Dundrum Town Centre and 5 minutes from Johnny Fox's pub and The Merry Ploughboy.

Swing through the trees, enjoying spectacular views of Dublin City and Ireland's Eye. Zipit Tibradden offers a different experience to Lough Key, with tall straight pine trees giving an illusion of even more height when you are traversing the obstacles.

Tibradden Wood and surroundings have many walking trails from moderate to difficult, with the Tibradden Trail of 2.4km offering panoramic views of Dublin Bay and Howth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the course? 1 Course, 5 Circuits, 91 Activities

OK, so how long is the whole course? The total of all 5 circuits stretches over 1.8km.

Are there lots of zip lines? Yes, we have zip lines on every circuit – 650m in total!

How long is the longest zip line? It’s on the Blue Circuit and it is 135m.

What sort of activities will I be doing? Rope bridges, tightropes, cargo nets, climbing walls, zip lines, surfboard, ladders, BMX, base jumps.

How long will it take? Between 3 and 4 hours, as a guideline.

Can anyone do it? Minimum age is 7 years. Minimum Height is 1m. Maximum Weight is 120kg (leg strap dimensions can also limit fitting of harness)

How high is the Green Circuit? From 1 – 3 metres high, great for kids and beginners.

How high are the Orange and White Family Circuits? From 4-8 metres in places.

How high is the Blue Circuit? The highest point is about 13m.

How high is the Red Circuit? The base jump is 20m - a ver