Holistic Wellness Retreats  2024

Holistic Wellness Retreats 2024

September, 2024

Beautiful Cabin , Leavenworth , Washington

About This Festival

Learn how to care for your human and how to connect with the Earth for guidance. Eating nutritious, local, organic food, connecting with the vibrations of the universe, dancing with bliss. Taking time to focus on you and your needs. You are the center of it all. Come experience a technology and toxicity detox. A retreat for your mind, body and soul.

Nature immersions focus on connecting and aligning with the energy of the Earth for growth and cellular functioning. You will experience the magic of all four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air through immersive activities.

Self Care
You are the point from which all things begin. You will gain knowledge and practical tools that you can utilize to care for your human. Activities may include: Dry brushing, Journaling, Tapping, Self Massage, Crystal Meditation, and so many more.

This weekend is all about YOU. Whatever you are needing and feeling called to partake in. Meditations, Yoga Nidra, Music Healing, Art, Personal Training, Nature…will all be available for you.