BIODANZA_Connection_Festival AUSTRIA 2020 2024

BIODANZA_Connection_Festival AUSTRIA 2020 2024

May, 2024

Spa-Hotel, Ligist, Austria

About This Festival

BIODANZA is a system, a training of the introduction and development of personal talents as a human being, as an individual in the community. Each and every one of them has special qualities and talents in the world, some of which can still be discovered or developed. BIODANZA clearly supports and promotes the discovery and development of the potential as a human being that we all carry within us. BIODANZA leads us especially sustainably to rediscover and deepen our experience as individuals in the community.

We come together to dance together and celebrate our lives in a peaceful community of people on this planet. In ancient cultures it was always essential for people to create harmony in dance between heaven and earth, in relation to others and in relation to earth and the cosmos. We want to take up and enliven these goals. Through Biodanza we potentiate our vital life energy and joie de vivre, our creative creative power, our affective ability to connect and love and our transcendent transformation.