A Rhapsody in Red at FRINGE WORLD Festival 2020

A Rhapsody in Red at FRINGE WORLD Festival 2020

January, 2020

Connections Nightclub, Perth, Western Australia

About This Festival

“Hell hath no fury like three women scorned.”

Fall dangerously in love with The CoverGirls Peggy-Sue, Mary-Jane and Just Betty on their quest for love as they tease, cajole and spank

the songs of delicious 60’s divas Diana, Tina, Shirley, Aretha and more, before sending them off for a Bex and a good lie down.

Coo to Baby Love, lick your lips for Lollipop, beg for Please Mr Postman and run if you have Lipstick on Your Collar.

Add a tiny tongue lashing from Germaine (Greer) and a couple of sparkly little AK47’s and you have a night squished to the brim with

love, romance and just a dollop of terror.

Three great voices and characters come together in a sharply choreographed and wonderfully entertaining ensemble. POST NEWSPAPERS

“…flimsy, kitsch, hilarious!...wonderful voices and excellent comic timing…delightfully drawn pastiches…” AUSTRALIAN STAGE