Pity Paty! 2020

Pity Paty! 2020

January, 2020

Fringe World, Perth, Western Australia

About This Festival

Sweaty Pits are making their Perth debut with their award winning show “PITY PARTY!”
Two friends decide to follow their dream of creating an amazing sketch show! But among the several costume changes, the squirting citrus, the '80s aerobics, and the magic mike strip routines...they realise their dream might be a little out of reach.
It's comedy, it’s burlesque, it's slap stick, it's heartfelt...it's harder than they thought. A sketch show for those who question what they are doing with their lives and then do it anyway
Sweaty Pits may be the new kids on the block but they are taking off with a bang! The comedy duo debuted their first show, “Pity Party”, at the 2018 Sydney fringe festival where they won the "New Zealand Tour Ready Award", were nominated for "Best Comedy" at the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival and now they are coming to Perth as part of FRINGE WORLD!
Frankie McNair and Miriam Slater decided to combine their true loves (comedy and each other) and give birth to the sketch comedy duo “Sweaty Pits”. They aim to make change by screaming about the issues they care about with a positive, absurdist, and energetic energy and hope to leave the audience with a belly full of laughs as well as a message.

Show Details: Pity Party!
Dates: 29th Jan – 3rd Feb
Time: 9:40pm
Cost: $21 - $28
Venue: Circus Theatre at Fringe Central - Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, WA, 6003
Tickets: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/pity-party-fw2019