Missy Jay US Tour w/ Fiamma Fumana in Seattle, WA 2024

Missy Jay US Tour w/ Fiamma Fumana in Seattle, WA 2024

September, 2024

Meany Theatre, 4040 George Washington Lane Northeast, Seattle, Washington

About This Festival

DJ Missy Jay announced she will be collaborating with an electronic folk music group, Fiamma Fumana and will be performing on tour in Europe, Canada and the U.S. from April through October of 2018.

"We have been rehearsing for months, tried new samplings, editing, remixing and producing new sounds," said Missy Jay. "Now we are ready to show what a fusion of genres can be. We play folk and electronic techno beats. It's so unique!"

The upcoming tour will visit venues throughout Europe, the U.S. and Canada, providing a unique new blend of music never heard before:

25, Museo Cervi, Reggio Emilia, Italy.

8, Imola In Musica, Italy.

13, Eastleigh Park Festival, UK.
18, Brampton Festival, UK.
20, DMIF Pontassieve, Italy.
26, Trowbridge Festival, UK.
27, Torino, Italy.

2, Montelago Celtic Night Festival, Serravalle del Chianti, Italy.
14, Pontardawe Festival Wales, UK.
15, Pontardawe Festival, Wales, UK.
19, DMIF Ragnatela del Ragno, Puglia, Italy.

25, Chicago World Music Festival, Chicago, IL, US.
26, Wisconsin union Theater, Madison, WI, US.
27, Mabel Trainer Theater, Menomonie, WI, US.
28, Meany Theater, Seattle, WA, US.

1, Caravan World Rhythms, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
3, Festival Place, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.
4, Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
5, Greenham Theater, Banff, Alberta, Canada.
9, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, US.
10, New Mexico Tech University, Socorro, NM, US.
11, The Cooperage, Albuquerque, NM, US.
12 & 13, Phil Thomas Performing Arts, Shiprock, NM, US.
14, Ocotillo Performing Arts, Artesia, NM, US.

"I found them not only good work colleagues, but also amazing people and caring friends," said Missy Jay. "I thoroughly enjoy our all-day rehearsals, working on sounds and then changing them completely the next day, and having fun while up all night in a studio. We all share the same passion and I found a very good friend in Roberta Carrieri, singer of Fiamma Fumana. I am so blessed to be touring Europe and the U.S. with them. Life is too good!"

Time: 3:00 pm - 12:00 am.

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Artists / Speakers: Missy Jay, Roberta Carrieri, Alberto Cottica.