Northeast Guitar Expo 2024

Northeast Guitar Expo 2024

April, 2024

Wallingford, Connecticut

About This Festival

The Northeast Guitar Expo is intended to be a gathering place for the guitar community throughout this region. There really isn’t another event like this in the New England area. Created by Peter Occhineri and Kevin Kalagher, two veterans of the guitar industry, it's their passion to bring luthiers, builders, product manufacturers and dealers together for guitar enthusiasts to meet, experience their unique products and create relationships with.

The shows have been a huge success. 80+ high-end exhibitors meet over 2,000 attendees for a great day of electric and acoustic guitar and bass interaction. Set in a great music venue, The Oakdale Theater, the event evolves and gets bigger each time.

The stage is set to have many more great guitar events. Hope to see you at the next Northeast Guitar Expo!