Seattle Festivals 2020, 2021



August, 2020

Magnuson Park, Seattle, Washington

Arts in Nature Festival 2020

Arts in Nature Festival

August, 2020

Camp Long, 5200 35th Avenue Southwest Seattle, Seattle, Washington

Central Area Community Festival 2020

Central Area Community Festival

August, 2020

Garfield Community Center, 2323 East Cherry Street Seattle, WA, Seattle, Washington

Sustainable Ballard Festival 2020

Sustainable Ballard Festival

August, 2020

Ballard Commons Park; 5701 - 22nd Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107, Seattle, Washington

Salmonfest Seattle 2020

Salmonfest Seattle

August, 2020

NE 125th & 28th Ave NE , Seattle, Washington

Prism VIBRATIONS Festival 2020

Prism VIBRATIONS Festival

August, 2020

Volunteer Park, 1247 15th Ave E Seattle, WA, Seattle, Washington

Tomato Battle 2020

Tomato Battle

August, 2020

Pyramid Alehouse, Seattle, Washington

Brasilfest 2020


August, 2020

Seattle Center , Seattle, Washington

Adult Recess Seattle 2020

Adult Recess Seattle

August, 2020

Cal Anderson Park, Seattle, Washington

Magnolia Summerfest & Art Show 2020

Magnolia Summerfest & Art Show

August, 2020

Magnolia Playfield, 2518 34th Ave W Seattle, Seattle, Washington



August, 2020

Highline, Seattle, Washington

Umoja Fest African Heritage Festival & Parade 2020

Umoja Fest African Heritage Festival & Parade

August, 2020

Judkins Park, 2150 S Norman St Seattle, Seattle, Washington

Magnolia Summerfest and Art Show 2020

Magnolia Summerfest and Art Show

August, 2020

Magnolia Playfield , Seattle, Washington

Seattle BrasilFest 2020

Seattle BrasilFest

August, 2020

Seattle Center, Armory Main Level, and Mural Amphitheater, 305 Harrison St Seattle, Seattle, Washington

Seattle HEMPFEST 2020


August, 2020

Myrtle Edwards Park, Centennial Park, and Olympic Sculpture Park, 2900-3100 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA, Seattle, Washington

Kirkland SummerFest 2020

Kirkland SummerFest

August, 2020

Glenwood Springs Rec Center, Kirkland, Seattle, Washington

Pioneer Square Fire Festival 2020

Pioneer Square Fire Festival

August, 2020

Occidental Park, Seattle, Washington

Cairo VIBRATIONS Festival 2020

Cairo VIBRATIONS Festival

August, 2020

Volunteer Park, Seattle, Washington

Washington Arab Festival 2020

Washington Arab Festival

August, 2020

Seattle Center, 305 Harrison Street Seattle, WA, Seattle, Washington

PAX Dev 2020


August, 2020

Seattle Westin Hotel, 1900 5th Ave Seattle, Seattle, Washington

PAX West 2020

PAX West

August, 2020

Washington State Convention Center, 705 PIke St Seattle, Seattle, Washington

Afro-Latino Festival Seattle 2020

Afro-Latino Festival Seattle

August, 2020

Jefferson Park, 4101 Beacon Ave S Seattle, Seattle, Washington

Seattle Acoustic Festival 2020

Seattle Acoustic Festival

August, 2020

INSCAPE Arts Building, Seattle, Washington

Seattle Tattoo Expo 2020

Seattle Tattoo Expo

August, 2020

Seattle, Washington

Viking Days 2020

Viking Days

August, 2020

Nordic Heritage Museum , Seattle, Washington